Danzel See Toh Yun Xu

H^2OLY water

Mentors: Erick Kristantio, Monica

Danzel has always been inquisitive, often wanting to help solve problems concerning people around the world. So when the opportunity arose for him to work on a project at VIVISTOP Orchard, he gladly took it up. He participated in the Lighthouse program to spur on his inner creativity so as to help him look at things from a different perspective, as well as learn new skills and he hopes to be able to use these new skillsets to empower others.

The Project

After many thorough discussions with my mentors at VIVISTOP Orchard, I finally decided to make a prototype to solve the current world water crisis. At first, I wanted to make a filtration system but soon realised it was better to tackle the root of the problem which is the build up of lime that can affect water flow and lead to rusting. I then came upon this system called the “electronic water softener” and decided to give it a try.

After thorough research on this system, I tried creating my own with varying success. The high point during this project was that after many unsuccessful attempts, the circuit was able to finally work!

The low point was when 1 out of 3 EWT circuits was not functioning, and this was incredibly excruciating as we almost had to redo everything, although thankfully we managed to find the main source of the problem.

It is only through quick thinking and working together with my mentor that we were able to find that the C555 was the main problem. To end, this entire project has definitely broadened my mind towards this topic.