Dominic Vaz

Collapsible Smart Trolley

Mentors: Erick Kristantio, Monica

Dominic is passionate about creating solutions in the area of helping others. He hopes his project will greatly help those who often go shopping as this smart trolley will help to reduce stress on the body when carrying heavy items. At the same time, it is collapsible so it will also help one save space at home.

The Project

I like to use available materials that can be found to create objects or sculptures at home. This has allowed me to use unconventional items to make my trolley work, and through my design iterations with my mentors, realised that we can make use of selfie sticks to allow my trolley to easily collapse. I also enjoy coming up with design sketches which allows me to come up with the features of my trolley rather quickly. Since I also have done woodworking before in my school and at home, it has also helped me when creating my trolley as some parts of it required me to make use of the woodcutting skills that I've picked up.