Dominic Vaz

Collapsible Smart Trolley

Mentors: Erick Kristantio & Monica Chan

Dominic is passionate about creating solutions to help others. He likes to use available materials that can be found to create objects or sculptures at home. He also enjoys coming up with design sketches which allow him to come up with several design iterations before deciding on his current prototype.

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The Project

It is tiring for the elderly to go shopping or marketing as they need to carry heavy things. I want to create a collapsible smart trolley to help them transport heavy items. It is safer for them as it will help to reduce stress on the body when carrying heavy items. As it is collapsible, it will also take up minimal space at home when unused. I might also change up the design for it to last longer and to accommodate more things. Maybe make it a little shorter for it to be more ergonomic for the elderly, and wider to be able to carry more!