Coen Peter Ng


Mentors: Lee Hoi Leong & Kong Ling Xiao

Coen is 11 years old and enjoys playing video games. In particular, he likes the first-person shooter game Call of Duty Mobile and played it so much he even got into the top 0.02% of the mobile player ranking! He also likes Minecraft as well as Fortnite.

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The Project

I like to play games especially first-person shooters (FPS) and I would love my dear mother to enjoy what I like too, but the usual FPS’s screen movements cause her to feel dizzy and even have migraines.

This inspired me to create T.R.E.E - a FPS game made for not just my mom, but everyone who gets motion sickness playing the usual FPS. T.R.E.E takes into consideration these factors and alters the usual FPS mechanisms. There is no ADS (aim down sight) mechanism, as the movement and zoom triggered when using ADS is a key cause of dizziness for my mom. The usual side-to-side rotation in an FPS is also disabled by clamping the yaw axis (or vertical axis), to further reduce visual information overload. I hope to develop the game further by making it less laggy, fixing bugs, and expanding on my game. I will come back to VIVITA to continue working on it.

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