Dhwani, Rushil & Czaana



Dhwani is 11 years old and studies at Temasek Primary School. She has varied interests such as drawing, reading books, and listening to different genres of music. She is a member of her school choir and is currently learning the western classical flute. She is also interested in learning new things at VIVISTOP Orchard and discussing them with her peers. She enjoys learning to work with Adobe Animate and Prezi software at VIVISTOP Orchard. Dhwani loves animals and wishes to become a Marine Biologist when she grows up. She also feels that her superpower is her ability to work together with her peers. She hopes that the ebook that she has helped to create will make learning Science more fun for everyone!


Rushil is 11 years old and studies at Temasek Primary School. He is the head prefect of his school and he enjoys leadership roles. His hobby is solving Rubik's cubes and listening to music. He is learning the violin and likes performing or making presentations. He had immense fun at VIVISTOP Orchard as he got to learn how to use software platforms such as Prezi and Adobe Animate. He feels that his superpower would probably be that he is more efficient when working in a group rather than on his own. He wants to become an environmental engineer when he grows up. He is hoping that everyone will enjoy this interactive and informative ebook that he helped to create!


Czaana is 11 years old and goes to Temasek Primary School. She has multiple interests such as acting, performing and writing. She is currently also learning Indian dance. She had alot of fun during the Lighthouse Program as she learnt how to make ebooks interactive and also was exposed to using new platforms like Prezi, Adobe Animate, Affinity Designer, and more. A super power she feels she has is probably being able to present confidently in front of people. During the Lighthouse program, she learned the importance of working together as a team, planning, and finishing work on time. She really hopes that everyone would like her group’s project which is an interactive ebook. She thinks it is really informative and hopes it would benefit other kids. :)

The Project

The Eureka- Respect Diversity project is an interactive and informative book co-created by students and teachers of Temasek Primary School. This book is positioned as a kid-friendly Science book for younger children to learn and understand the basics of diversity. It also features topics about respecting differences and not being subjective to people’s bodies, likes or interests etc.

All the audio, background and animation were solely done by the students whereas the idea of the ebook and the making of the characters were done by the teachers. At the end of this project , we published two outcomes that came in the form of an interactive ebook and also a physical copy. We hope all of you will enjoy the work that we created. Thank You :)