Hridaank, Jeet, Rainiern

The Drone Project

Mentors: Puspita Hidayat, Kong Ling Xiao

Hridaank Nimesh Kedia

He is 12 years old and in 7th grade. He is very active in class and tries to learn everything that is taught at school. At home, he studies hard in maths and science as his dream is to go to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and graduate with a degree in technical engineering. He also takes guitar and french classes. He loves his little brother and always tries to do what is best for him. He loves helping others and always helps around the house by doing chores and helping his mother with cooking. Overall, he is a kind boy who aspires to be famous in the future.

Jeet Arora

Hmm… Who is Jeet? Let me tell you more about him. Jeet is an 11-year-old boy who studies at Montfort Junior School. He is quite interested in drones as he attended a drone workshop in mid 2020 at his school and gained more knowledge on drones. He is an innovative and curious boy who is determined to learn. He is a helpful boy and he also makes sure that he completes any tasks given to him. Jeet likes to watch movies. He also likes to watch sports related shows like WWE and Cricket.

Rainiern Ang

Rainiern is a boy who is a vegan and loves animals (mainly snails), as he knows that snails always persevere in whatever they do. He hopes to be like them. He also enjoys building things such as LEGO, as building such toys involve a coordination between the hand and the mind. He is kind and playful but can be serious when the need arises. He one day hopes to be a digital zoologist that uses tech to save animals, because he observes that more and more animals are being abused and killed nowadays.

The Projects

Hridaank's Project

One day, I was reading about drones and I thought about making a drone to deliver medical supplies to isolated sites and disaster struck areas quickly and with no effort. A few days later, I read about the Lighthouse programme and I immediately signed up. I hope to work on making my dream a reality. I was so glad I got into Phase Two as I made some great friends and the drone was built very quickly. A key feature of my drone is that it will be amphibious - it can both fly and sail on water. It also has a communication device for the drone to communicate with doctors in the primary the drone hub.

Jeet's Project

I would like to make a drone that delivers food and medical supplies in Singapore. “Why did I choose to do this project?” you may ask. Firstly, when deliverers use vehicles to deliver, they are polluting the environment. To protect the environment, we can use drones, which are eco-friendly. Secondly, using drones to deliver will reduce road traffic. This can help emergency vehicles (ambulances, firetrucks and more) to get through the roads and reach their destination more efficiently and quickly. Lastly, using drones to deliver will provide more efficient delivery as drones will be able to take shortcuts through the sky to reach their destination.

Rainiern's Project

I would like to make a drone that saves animals. It’s equipped with a grabber, a camera, and a siren. The siren is used to alert people if they are doing something wrong to animals, Like abusing or kicking animals. The grabber is used mainly to pick up snails on the pavement and put them back on the grass so as to avoid being flattened. The camera takes note of who abuses animals and sends the pictures to PETA (an animal rights NGO) . In the centre of the drone is a small cage for putting in the injured and abused animals using the grabber.