Jeremy Fang


Mentor: Wendy Ng

Hi there, my name is Jeremy and I am 11 years old. My hobbies are playing basketball, sleeping and playing games (who doesn’t?). My dream career is to become an engineer or a Youtuber, or at least a job that pays good money. Usually, I prefer staying indoors, playing video games and watching movies. Currently, I am aiming to create a game that can be played by people of all ages so as to entertain them for a long time.

The Project

This project was supposed to be linked to table football but I guess I decided to change the whole game itself. In the beginning, I had issues coming up with ideas as I wanted my game to be special and original, but after two long months I finally thought of a better idea.

So, I started to create my first prototype with cardboard which was essentially just
a rough idea. It had many unique ideas put into it, such as having a triangle-shaped platform as the playing field and also, having holes as a replacement for a usual normal goal and a whole lot more.

I then moved on to create my second prototype which had all of my ideas combined, and now it has potential to become an actual product. I hope that all of you will like this game. I know it is weird but at least it is special :)