Jolene Goh


Mentors: Seah Shao Xuan,  Ng Guo Liang & Abel Fam

Jolene is a student at Boon Lay Secondary School. She enjoys playing volleyball and is interested in hands-on activities as well as learning code and different types of mechanisms. Jolene wishes to be able to eventually work with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will be able to benefit the world through people’s daily lives.

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The Project

Shoolect is a machine that will help to collect tennis balls from the ground and also launch the balls to players in the court while training. I was inspired to create this prototype as I play volleyball, and I realised how inconvenient it is for players to constantly have to run to retrieve the ball in a large court. Hence, I am working towards my goal of creating a machine that will provide ease and convenience to tennis players. I ended up working on a tennis ball mechanism as this is my first prototype and I wanted to work on something that would be manageable. I intend to continue to finish my project and work with my mentor and see how we can improve on it and benefit others who are in the sports industry.