Koko Kusano


Mentors: Chee Sau Fen

Koko has a deep passion for sneakers which has fed an appreciation for the various components of sneaker design. Her dream is to produce a collection of sneakers designed by herself one day. It is no wonder that for her Lighthouse project, she chose to explore how to make sneakers which can accommodate easily adjustable fit. She wanted her design to be able to fit all kinds of feet, for everyone to enjoy and feel comfortable wearing sneakers.

The Project

I’ve always loved sneakers, but my feet have not always been able to fit every pair of sneakers that I wanted to have as my own and so I had to let them go at times. I wondered, what if we could have a sneaker design which can fit every kind of feet? Thus, I decided to make a sneaker which is baggy, but can also be adjusted to any preferable fit. I hope that with this design, everyone would be able to possess the right sneaker which they could call their own. Regardless of how big, small, wide, or narrow a foot is, the sneaker I designed fits the foot, in exactly the way the person wearing it wants it to. Thus, the name myfit is chosen as the design ensures that “I have a pair of sneakers which fit my feet”.