Ashmi Sharma


Mentors: Teh Han Yi, Puspita Hidayat

Ashmi Sharma is 10 years old and hails from India and currently lives in Singapore, studying in Naval Base Primary School. Her height is currently 138 cm. She likes acting and so her CCA is drama club but she also likes basketball and plays this with her friends everyday. Her favourite colour is yellow as it is a bright colour and represents happiness. SheI wants to become an actress or a programmer when I grow up. Her favourite subject is Mathematics as it has many methods and also because it is fun! She also likes to dance and sing! She feels that she is confident and kind. She is also really talkative. Her favourite food is anything which has the right amount of spice. Her favorite dessert is chocolate ice cream. Her quote for you is to always keep on trying because only those who don’t give up would reach to the end and win.

The Project

Playtok is an app that allows viewers to interact with animated animals. This allows them to have fun and decreases their boredom. They can either video call animals or play a game. They can video call either Giga the giga, Chucky the chick or Frosty the penguin. They can also play the balloon pop game. The main page music is really catchy so they can dance to it. This app is mainly targeted at children who are from ages 2 to 5. Frosty loves science so you can test out chemical substances with him. Chucky loves mathematics so you can practice mathematics with her. Giga does not love school so she teaches you the importance of play. I really hope you can have more fun with my friends.