Ashmi Sharma


Mentors: Puspita Hidayat & Teh Han Yi

Ashmi is 10 years old and hails from India. She currently lives in Singapore, studying in Naval Base Primary School. She likes acting and her CCA is a Drama club, but she also likes basketball and playing with her friends every day. Her favourite colour is yellow as it is a bright colour that represents happiness. She wants to become an actress or a programmer when she grows up. Her motto in life is to keep on trying because only those who don’t give up will reach the end and win.

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The Project

Playtok is an app that allows children to interact with
animated animals - either through video calls or to play a
game with them - to have fun and decrease their boredom. The app is mainly targeted at children from ages 2 to 5. There are several characters - Frosty loves science so you can test out chemical substances with him; Chucky loves mathematics so you can practice mathematics with her, and Giga does not love school so she teaches you the importance of play. I hope to customise my project further and create different levels to it and I’m really excited to work on it more. I love coding! I really hope you can have fun with my friends!

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