Pang Yeng Ying


Mentors: Therese Heng, Ng Guo Liang

Yeng Ying is currently an 11 years old Primary 6 student from Westwood Primary School. In her free time, she likes to create things and work on engineering projects.

The Project

For the Lighthouse Program, the goal of my project stems from a video I once came across of child labour for Mica powder mining in caves in rural India.
 I learnt that children as young as 5 years old are sent to work tirelessly in these caves situated in Jharkhand, India and at times, these caves unexpectedly collapse over the working children and severely injure them. In the likelihood of a collapse which happens more often than not, the children are unable to get help in time to escape the caves.
I was deeply affected by this cause and set out to rethink solutions to rescue these children and to think of ways to help them work in more favourable conditions.
For my project, I am looking to design an Excabot that is fitted with a detector to pick up if the cave has collapsed, and in doing so, to activate the excavator to immediately start digging up excess soil to create an entrance for the children to escape.
I am also interested to add on solar panelling to the Excabot. As the machine is out in sunlight predominantly, it can take advantage of the sunlight to preserve and store energy for future use.
 The Excabot is also well fitted with an alarm system that will sound off as a means to quickly alert others of a cave collapse.
 With this design in mind, I would like to raise awareness of the situation and highlight the severity of the problem to the Indian government hoping that something can be done to impactfully resolve this issue.