Prakhar Trivedi


Mentor: Chin Su Yuen

Prakhar’s passion is in coding and making apps that can have an impact on people’s lives to help them. He is familiar with Swift, coding with Xcode, and Java with Android Studio. He has made and published an iOS app, knows Micro:bit, Scratch, and has also started out in Flutter and Python.

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The Project

DollarMate is an expense tracking application that allows
you to easily track and edit your expenses and save up
money for that car you have always wanted to buy! With
the ease-of-use and intuitiveness in mind, the interface was made to be easily understandable and to be responsive to provide the best possible app experience. The most fun thing was exploring different libraries online to help me accomplish my code as I learnt that there are lots of different techniques and different styles to make it better and to give it that personal touch.

I participated in the Lighthouse Programme because I wanted to see what I can do on this platform and explore how my ideas may apply to other fields.

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