Prakhar Trivedi


Mentor: Chin Su Yuen

Prakhar's passion is in coding and making apps that can prove to be a true impact in people's lives and help them greatly. He is familiar with Swift, coding with Xcode, some coding using Java with Andriod Studio. He has made and published an iOS app, knows Micro:bit and Scratch and has started out in Flutter and Python, and He participated in the Lighthouse programme because he wanted to see what he could do on this platform and explore how his ideas may apply to other fields as well. He wanted to grow from the advice that industry mentors provide in this programme.

The Project

DollarMate, an expense tracking application that allows you to easily track and edit your expenses and save up money for that car you have always wanted to buy! With ease-of-use and intuitiveness in mind, the interface was made to be as easily understandable and responsive as possible for the best possible app experience.