Aryasatya Yodha Rasjid


Mentors: Seah Shao Xuan, Teh Han Yi, Monica

Yodha is 10 years old and lives in Singapore. He is very short and is quite energetic. He has black hair. He has a pet terrapin named Master Chicken. He likes playing
video games and games in general. He decided to do this project because in some countries around the world robberies are quite common. He thought about a way to lessen the amount of robberies and he came up with his project idea. Ultimately, he would like to help people even if it is trying to prevent a small proportion of robberies, one step at a time.

The Project

I made this project with the help of my mentors. The project itself uses an IR sensor to detect if somebody is there. If somebody is there it will tell the ESP32, which is the brain of my project. I can tell the camera to take a photo/video and tell the speaker to play a recorded voice. If it does not detect something it will keep checking if there is someone in front of it. It is supposed to be put in front of your door. It is hidden in a synthetic flower so it is hidden. It is supposed to help prevent robberies but you can use it to scare your friends.