Senthil velan Deena dayalan


Mentors: Seah Shao Xuan, Monica, Chee Sau Fen

Deena is tech-savvy, which was very helpful in this project. He is kind and friendly, and his hobbies includes reading books, comics, listen to rap music and watching videos about phone technology. He has a sister. He is good at math. He has a good sense of humor, and while working, he often still keeps his spirits up and jokes around. In a nutshell, he is kind, smart and tech-savvy.

The Project

I am making a library app. While it might be similar to NLB's Mobile app, I actually observed and researched the app and highlighted certain problems I'd like to fix. One of the major problems I found (in my opinion) is that newly released books are usually not found in the library even after weeks. My mentor Shao Xuan then helped me with creating a high fidelity prototype. My industrial mentor, Darren also gave me tips on how to present my project. I was able to take the advice given and I completed my work as responsibly as I could.
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