Senthil velan Deena dayalan


Mentors: Seah Shao Xuan, Monica Chan & Chee Sau Fen

Deena is a tech-savvy boy whose hobbies include reading books and comics, listening to rap music, and watching videos about phone technology. He has a sister. He is good at math. He has a good sense of humor, and while working, he often keeps his spirits up and jokes around.

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The Project

BOOQ is a library app, similar to the NLB app but with features that I feel might be an improvement from the existing system. One of the major problems I found (in my opinion) is that newly released books are usually not found in the library even after weeks.

I hope to explore coding next and understand how to add AI features and feedback from the showcase so I can improve on the interface to make it easier to control and manage the app.