Shivani Muralitharan

Space Saver

Mentor: Clarissa Kang

Shivani is 11 years old and studies at Qihua primary school. She actually wants to be a doctor but she is also interested in dancing, colouring, and creating. She hopes to make a positive change in the world around her.

The Project

My project name is Space Saver. It is a collection of furniture that includes a chair and table. I am mainly focusing on people who have smaller homes as this furniture line will be able to help them save space. Both my chair and table are foldable using strings and hinges. Both are light-weight and also quite easy to carry around.

One of the main problems I faced during the creating process was making the furniture stable, but I got advice from my industor mentor to build the furniture with its legs in an X shape in order for it to stand with better stability.