Tan Yin Chi


Mentors: Seah Shao Xuan, Therese Heng  & Ng Guo Liang

Yinchi is a cheerful and bubbly individual. She has a pet cat at home whom she dearly loves called “Rengo”. She likes acting and is currently in the Musical Theatre CCA in school. She also aspires to be in the media industry as a frontline talent. She really enjoys watching anime and sharing what she has watched with others. She also enjoys listening to music genres such as kpop, pop, jazz, and R&B. She tends to be shy around people at first but once you get to know her, she can really keep up a conversation with you. She is not shy to learn new things and always keeps an open mind about different topics.

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The Project

Peng You aims to help the elderly not feel lonely when they are alone at home. It is a robotic companion with chat bot functions to communicate with the elderly. It can also detect when an elderly experiences a fall and it will send a signal to the social services personnel when that happens. I want to create this product because I feel that there are a lot of elderly in this world who are lonely as some live alone in a one-room-flat or have no one to visit them. This makes them prone to elderly depression which may lead to more issues down the road. To curb this, I hope my product will be able to communicate with the elderly and help ease their loneliness. It’s amazing if I will be able to have my target audience try out my product and tell me areas to improve on and how I can make it better so I can change it to meet their needs as they are my top priority.