Teo Ruu Ann

The Sprouted Pine

Mentor: Abel Fam

Ruu An is someone who is creative, always willing to try new things as well as taking on new challenges. She has two main interests; reading and ballet. She finds joy and calm in reading and is able to read for days on end if a book intrigues her. She also goes for ballet classes. To her, ballet is a good form of a stress reliever as she likes the ache in her muscles after class and how she can easily fall asleep when she gets home. She is passionate about science and hopes to learn more about it in school. She cares for the people around her, and is willing to go the extra mile for them.

The Project

My project started with the well-being of the people in Singapore in mind. I resonated with the amount of stress they faced on a daily basis and I wanted to do something, even if it was ever so little, to help them out. Of course, me being a single person, could not make much impact if I started an initiative. Hence I thought to make a scented pineapple keychain. It is portable, and can be used anytime and anywhere. There are also special features such as it being bumpy for acupressure, it being scented as part of aromatherapy, and also it being a roly-poly, just for the fun element. Through this prototype, I wish I can help alleviate just a little bit of Singaporean’s stress and make everyone a little happier.