Tiffany Putri


Mentors: Kenneth Sim & Chee Sau Fen

Tiffany is passionate about science, innovation and sustainability. Stemming from her interest in science, she explored the fields of fabric technology and bag design. Her interest in innovation helped her to generate new ideas in simple and sustainable concepts. She hopes to continue her journey in the field of bag design and aspires to release her own brand one day.

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The Project

Throughout my project work, I learnt all about sewing and fabrics. Some interesting things I learned more about are different stitching techniques, the various types of fabrics, and the process of design and prototyping a product from scratch. The high point of my journey was when I managed to obtain the fabric materials that suit my design. One of the challenges was making sure my bag design is sturdy. To overcome this challenge, I learnt to do a special sewing technique where the seams were constructed on the outside, making the bag sturdy enough to hold its shape.